Singer Hans Raj Hans reverts to Islam

hans raj hans

Hans Raj Hans, one of the famous Indian singers, a popular name in Sufi Music and Punjabi folk songs, and also a politician, has confirmed media reports in which it was mentioned that he has reverted to Islam.

On a peace mission to Pakistan, Hans Raj Hans while talking to a local news agency said his name would be Mohammad Yousuf for now but he cleared that he will maintain his name ‘Hans Raj Hans’ for singing industry.

He said he has studied Islam very closely and started reading Holy Quran, and gradually began to understand the essence of the divine revelation.

I listened to the call of my heart and decided to embrace Islam, he said.

We should follow the teaching of Islam as it is a Religion of Love and Peace, he added.

Raj Hans further said that he felt proud to become a Muslim, adding that he wanted to visit Madina as early as possible.

He emphasized both India and Pakistan to resolve all the problems with dialogue as it was the wish of the people of both the countries.

Addressing a press conference at Lahore Museum, Raj Hans said that establishment of peace among the two counties was his mission which he would continue.

Hans Raj Hans is the second Indian musician to revert to Islam in a fortnight. Last week, Chennai based music composer Yuvan Shankar Raja had also announced that he is a Muslim now.


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