jQuery 1.11 and 2.1 Released – 2014


What’s new in this release of Jquery 2.1 and Jquery 1.11?

Fewer forced layouts:

In this release we declared war on places where we might inadvertently force the browser to do a time-consuming layout. We found a few and eliminated one in particular that could occur when changing class names. This can result in a big performance boost for some pages.

Granular custom builds:

Our modularity is now defined by AMD, and it is easier to build small subsets of the library when space is at a premium. If you want to know more, we’ve hidden the details in the README file where nobody ever looks.

Lower startup overhead:

The new modularity and avoidance of forced layouts led us to refactor our feature detects so that they run the first time they’re needed. If you never call the API needing that feature detect, you never run that code. Previously we ran all feature detects when the page loaded, that led to delays that were generally small, but added up–especially on mobile platforms.

Published on npm: Our releases will now be published on npm so that you can use them with node or browserify. Both the 1.x and 2.x branches are available on npm, but remember that only the 2.x branch is supported to run in node.

Published on Bower:

We’re now using Bower for our internal dependency management including Sizzle, so you’ll see jQuery releases on Bower as soon as they’re available.

Some people have asked about supporting other package managers inside the jQuery library, but we’ve decided to only support the two that we use internally at the moment. There are more than a dozen package/dependency managers, it would be handy if they all could agree on a single format for projects to publish information. We don’t want the package manager’s overhead to be pushed off to individual projects like jQuery.

Although the glamor always seems to be in the new stuff, we don’t like to ignore the bugs and inconveniences that people have run across while using the last version. We worked hard to knock down our bug list and tackled quite a few of them. We even fixed a bug that only occurs in IE6, better late than never!

To see the complete list of changes visit  http://blog.jquery.com/2014/01/24/jquery-1-11-and-2-1-released/

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