Hyderabad Doctors are worried about growing adoption of E-Cigarette


E-Smoking is fast catching up in Hyderabad and most users are unaware of it’s possible effects on their health.

The Founder of GreenVapo a Hyderabad based company selling E-Cigarettes said that

We already have a client base of 1,000 people, while around 100-150 persons are added to it every month.

The doctors view as a worrying sign

There have been confirmed reports of carcinogens such as nitrosamines found in E-Cigarette liquids. Even nicotine being an external chemical, could adversely impact healthy cells.

These devices are being wrongly promoted said Dr Vijay Reddy, director and consultant surgeon at  Apollo Cancer Hospital.”

It is not just a matter of Hyderabad, It is all about the health concern of every smoker.

Please stop smoking and live a healthy life.

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